Opening Event  October 13, 2019 1pm - 5pm
August Wilson African American Cultural Center
Gallery Art Exhibit: October 13 - December 8, 2019

Public visual art exhibit of the work of the Pittsburgh based Black artist, Miles Saal, known as Yung Mulatto. Originally from Bronx, NY (b. 1996) but having spent informative early years in Jacksonville, FL, his figurative works recorded the culture of the creative network of people in his community whom he regularly collaborated.

A millennial maturing in the era of video games and anime, the strong influence of old school animation, Hip Hop and head shop posters are undeniably evident throughout his work. His style reminisces of the 1970’s album cover artist, Corky McCoy with similar anti-mainstream activism.

Insight into his struggle with mental illness is also evident in the dramatic, deeply emotional and often melancholy themes of his work, but also with a sometimes playful, mischievous quality highlighting his creative raw tenderness and vulnerability.

Miles death in 2017 due to depression, was not the end of his legacy or collaborative spirit which supported his Pittsburgh artist community.
Alex Young of the online magazine, In The Rough, wrote “It will be a pleasure to see his creations live on as they do now and more of the work he produced before he died. Miles gets credit for so much now and more in the future because, without his links to relationships, we’d still be stuck unwilling to leave our own worlds and adventure in someone else’s.“

Funding for The Yung Mulatto Project was provided by the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Program,
a partnership of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz

Produced by Atypical Arts, LLC
Design by: Triality